Cheryl Scacheri is a licensed, ABGC-certified genetic counselor who is passionate about healthcare and education in genetics and genomics.

She believes that it’s time for genomics to come into the light and be embraced for what it is: empowering and actionable. By bringing her experience to you, she can help demystify genomics and genetic testing and help you improve current services or implement efficient, cost-effective processes that address the needs of your patients and healthcare team.

Ms. Scacheri was the first genetic counselor at GeneDx, a trailblazing genetic testing laboratory that currently offers one of the largest test menus in the industry. Having been in the genetics field for over 25 years, she has diverse expertise in genetic counseling, research and testing. Throughout her career, she’s worked at esteemed hospitals and companies, including Cleveland Clinic, Express Scripts (Medco), Children’s National Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Ms. Scacheri has created and implemented novel programs in precision medicine, genetic counseling and genomics education.

Her unique talents lie in bringing complex information into language that’s fresh, effective and understandable. Considered a visionary by her peers, she was awarded the Strategic Leader Award by the National Society of Genetic Counselors. With her diverse experiences, knack for “big picture” thinking and determination to deliver outstanding genetic services efficiently, Ms. Scacheri offers clients solutions that address their genomic medicine and education needs.

Ms. Scacheri is available to help hospitals and private practices develop, or improve upon, programs in precision medicine, genetics and genomics. She offers training to providers and also can be hired for speaking engagements and to write grants and publications for academic, nonprofit and corporate entities.

Ms. Scacheri resides in Shaker Heights, Ohio with her husband, Peter, who is a Professor in the Genetics and Genome Sciences Department at Case Western Reserve University, and her two children.

To schedule a meeting with Cheryl, call 202.744.4731 or send a contact request by clicking here.